Advertising and presentations

Take advantage of great opportunities to present your products and services to guests of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza 5 * Superior and effectively introduce your products and services to the most prestigious visitors to Karlovy Vary.

Should you be interested in any of the following forms of cooperation, please contact us:
Jindřich Křováček – PR & Events Manager
GSM: (+420) 775 990 132

Advertising at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza:

Pokoje a ubytování Karlovy Vary
Carlsbad Revue Magazine

The Carlsbad Revue is the luxury magazine publication of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, which has been regularly published since the end of 2005. This is the only media print that is found in all of our rooms, and thanks to this, your advertising has a unique platform.

Frequency:                  3 times a year
Pages:                          64-80
Language versions:  CZ, ENG, RU

More information is available on the website:           

Pokoje a ubytování Karlovy Vary

Hotel TV info channel

The hotel TV info channel runs on all screens of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Whenever a guest turns on a television the hotel’s info channel is the first media to appear, and can exclusively run your advertising spot. It runs in a repeating loop and alternates with the hotel's promotional video which includes advertiser’s video spots.

Maximum number of spots: 3
Maximum spot duration: 5 minutes

Presentations at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza:


Pokoje a ubytování Karlovy Vary

Bon Soir Café

An ideal place for short sales presentations and exhibitions, located in the heart of the hotel at a location where, several times a day, our guests pass. Each evening the presentation framework includes refreshments for guests (welcome drink and finger food). We provide other services such as hostess, security etc.

The maximum length of the event: 7 days

Pokoje a ubytování Karlovy Vary

Presentation Showcases

Presentation Showcases are located on the ground floor, in the hallway between the main hotel reception and Carlsbad Clinic reception, an area which houses boutiques selling the world's leading brands in clothing, jewelry, and watches, the area also includes a hair salon.

Minimum rental period: 6 months
Number of cases: 3 pieces



Carlsbad Plaza - 2nd floor plan: 
  1. Art Gallery 
  2. Restaurant La Bohème
  3. Bon Soire Café
  4. Carlsbad Plaza Casino
  5. Restaurant Sorrento
  6. Lifts
  7. Staircase
  8. Meeting lounges
  9. Old Times Night Bar



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