Carlsbad Clinic | Luxury Medical Wellness Center in Karlovy Vary

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Carlsbad Clinic

Carlsbad Clinic a world of health and beauty

The Carlsbad Clinic is a separate luxury medical and wellness center that is directly adjacent to the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, with which it is also connected on two floors. 

Full body cryotherapy, classic and Thai massages, facial and body treatments for women and men are available to you.

The goal of our effort is to rediscover your vitality, energy and satisfaction with your own body. The Romans in ancient times said: "mens sana in corpore sano" - "in a healthy body is a healthy spirit," we say: "in a healthy and beautiful body is a healthy spirit."

Your health is your best investment. For complete information about the Carlsbad Clinic visit our official website:

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Tel.: (+420) 352 441 111

Fax: (+420) 352 441 151


Reservation department

Tel.: (+420) 353 225 502

Mob.: (+420) 777 258 838 



Mariánskolázeňská 25 

360 01 Karlovy Vary

Czech Republic