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Feedback of our Guests

We greatly appreciate the opinions and evaluations of our esteemed guests; they are a motivation and source of new energy for further work. We would therefore like to share some of the messages and comments from the hotel satisfaction questionnaires with you.

Hicham N.


Thanks to the staff for their care, I wish you all the best, I managed to drop 8 kg, I will definitely come again.

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Alexandr Y.


Compliments for the new look of the hotel, the changes and improvements in the rooms. High level  of services. Thanks to everyone for the care, we'll gladly to come back.

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Gary S.


Thank you to everyone for a beautiful stay. Satisfied with all hotel services.

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Alexandra T.


Compliments for the kitchen at the Sorrento Restaurant.

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Valeriy K.


Compliments to Martin Krejčí and Jiří Švec.

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Andrey S.


Satisfied with all hotel services. The Carlsbad Plaza is the best hotel in Karlovy Vary. The staff is very responsible and willing and, compared to hotels, for example in Germany, we feel welcome here, the smiles of the staff are sincere and we see the interest in the guests. We appreciate all changes and improvements in the hotel. Compliments to Jiří Švec for the treatment in the spa suite - very professional, patient and willing.

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Evgeny M.


We appreciate all room improvements and design changes in the hotel. Services as always at the highest level.

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Zhomart K.


Compliments for both the kitchen and service at the Sorrento restaurant. Compliments to Martin Krejci for treatment in the Spa Suite.

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Aleksandr P.


Stayed upon recommendation of a regular guest, we were very satisfied with all the hotel services and will gladly come back. Compliments to Petra Vaňková for the treatment at the spa suite.

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Victor G.


Thanks to the hotel management and staff, services at the hotel as always excellent. Compliments about the cuisine at the Sorrento restaurant.

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Samuel M.


Thanks to the staff for their care, satisfied with all services. Thanks to Jana Černá SRD. Compliments to MD Bazaev.

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Anvar A.


Thanks to everyone for their care. We look forward to coming back in spring. Compliments to the cook for the excellent cuisine and desserts.

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