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Feedback of our Guests

We greatly appreciate the opinions and evaluations of our esteemed guests; they are a motivation and source of new energy for further work. We would therefore like to share some of the messages and comments from the hotel satisfaction questionnaires with you.

Liubov K.

You are the best hotel in Karlovy Vary. The staff is very attentive and welcoming. We would like to thank everyone for their care. Compliments to the kitchen and service of the Sorrento restaurant, the food was always delicious.
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Adibah A.

We have been coming to Karlovy Vary for many year, we were staying with you for the first time upon the recommendation of friends. We were very pleased with all the services and we are planning to stay with you again next year. We would like to thank everyone for their care.
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Fakhritdin M.

Kazakhstan 13.09.2019
Compliments to everyone for the professional services, we were very satisfied and would be happy to come again.
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Enia G.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful stay, we will be happy to return to you again.
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Taleb A.

Qatar 19.09.2019
Beautiful hotel, beautiful city, quality service, we were satisfied with all the services, and will come again.
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Eduard T.

Thank you for the great preparation of the room for our arrival, compliments to the whole team for the hospitality. We are satisfied with all hotel services.
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Olga L.


Satisfied with all hotel services.

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Franziska N.

Our Christmas days at this hotel were wonderful. Everything was excellent from the awakening in bed, this year we will definitely come back.
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Lolawah A.

We were very satisfied with all the hotel services and we already plan our next stay.
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Shaikh AK


Compliments to MD. Bazaev and Patricia Ondarkova for the treatment at the spa suite.

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Zurab A.


Satisfied with all hotel services. Praise for the new treadmill in the gym.

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Alexander V.

Satisfied with all the services, thanks for the care and I wish further success at work.
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