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Feedback of our Guests

We greatly appreciate the opinions and evaluations of our esteemed guests; they are a motivation and source of new energy for further work. We would therefore like to share some of the messages and comments from the hotel satisfaction questionnaires with you.

Elena K.


Thanks to all hotel staff for their care, everything was excellent.

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Harold F.


All services are at a very good level. Professional and friendly staff. We will certainly come back for a longer stay.

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Irina S.


Very nice spa, high level of service.

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Dmitry S.


We arrived for a fourth time, after a pause of five years. Interior - luxurious, clean, cozy, the staff, as if they knew what you want. Especially noteworthy is the SPA - amazing complex, swimming pools, underwater massages, herbal and salt sauna, two Finnish saunas with different temperatures - great. The big advantage is the clinic at the hotel, doctors, blood tests and other treatments. Food is amazing, every night 3-4 types of fish and 4-5 types of meat dishes. Everything is very tasty. In summary, if you are willing to pay a little more and want the very best in Karlovy Vary, you just have to come here and really relax.

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Mikhail P.


Compliments to MD E.Koval and Jiří Švec. Thanks to all the hotel staff for their care.

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Feliks K.


The best hotel in Karlovy Vary, professional and friendly staff. Compliments to everyone. Excellent cuisine, professional and friendly service.

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Elena K.


Great hotel, friendly staff, clean and comfortable rooms with everything you need, pool and sauna are great, we liked everything, we were here the second time and we will come back again!

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Dmitrijs P.


Great location, nice rooms, helpful staff. Reasonable restaurant, which offers high quality gastronomy and is open until 1 in the morning.

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Benoit D.


Without a doubt the best hotel in the town, and believe me I have experience. The spa and wellness area is truly magical. The choice of food at breakfast is wonderful, really there's nothing missing! I would recommend booking directly with the hotel, that's where I got the best deal. English spoken pretty well almost everywhere. You can tell that there is real interest in guest satisfaction. Well done! I'll be back again.

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Grigoriy K.


We thank all of the chefs at the Sorrento restaurant, the waiters, chief Nikolai Kleimen and the bartender Batyuk Irina.

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Svetlana A.


Thank you for organizing our holiday! Thank you for taking into account all our wishes! Everything is done professionally and at the highest level.

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Aleksandr P.

Very decent hotel, helpful staff and excellent treatment !!! Special thanks to Dr. Elena !!!
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