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Feedback of our Guests

We greatly appreciate the opinions and evaluations of our esteemed guests; they are a motivation and source of new energy for further work. We would therefore like to share some of the messages and comments from the hotel satisfaction questionnaires with you.



Everything is great! I liked everything about the stay. Great varied food in the restaurants, quality medical care, attentive and helpful hotel staff. Great variety of medical treatments. And the TV had 3 channels in Russian.

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Great Britain10.08.2022

The staff was lovely, attentive and always pleasant. Props to them for making this a great experience. I will visit again.

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Czech Republic01.08.2022

Hollywood star feeling delivered. Staff and service - never enjoy something like this in my life.

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You know that feeling when you open the door to your hotel room and you're home? That's exactly how you feel at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. From the window, I watch the white bellies of the swallows as they go back and forth to catch the last mosquitoes before bed. The fir forest you see must still know Goethe. Soft carpet absorbs footsteps and old-fashioned candlesticks cast dancing shadows on the stucco. The biggest surprise, however, was breakfast: a crispy crust of fried egg, bread made with water from the thermal springs and really good coffee. Yes, the spa is also great and the beds comfortable.

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Five star hotel - the best in Europe. Private and relaxing, excellent staff and excellent service. My favorite hotel for relaxation and spa. I try to come here at least 2 weekends a month if time permits. I can highly recommend the Carlsbad Plaza and can't wait to return.

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I really liked the hotel, the location is excellent, mountain forests close by, the air is clean, you can walk on mountain trails that are within walking distance of the hotel, the springs are a bit far, up to about 12 springs 1 km, but for tourists it's not scary, the treatment and staff are amazing, the sauna and pool are generally great, there are up to 7 types of saunas available in the hotel, overall I liked everything and the breakfast and lunch and dinner buffet are relatively tasty. We hope to visit this hotel again!

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Czech Republic04.07.2022

Great hotel, wonderful accommodation, spectacular breakfast. Amazing staff who take perfect care to make you feel great. Fabulous Wellness.

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A beautiful hotel in a beautiful town. It is one of many hotels in this town and I don't know what the others are like, but nothing was lacking in this one. Parking is expensive but guarded and car parked inside the building. Wide choice of saunas in the spa. Breakfast varied. However, dinners are better to eat in town (after prior reservation if we are there at the weekend). Staff friendly and very helpful. Daily replenished water in the room. Carlsbad water source in the reception hall.

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Food, rooms and staff met expectations! I liked the health centre the most.

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Congratulations, I've never been better. Very extensive, tasty, friendly staff was always there for you. I have been to several five star hotels, but at the Carlsbad plaza you have the true feel and comfort of a five star hotel.

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Beautiful hotel in a perfect location, very friendly staff, breakfast with great choice, wellness center fantastic.

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S. Ritter


Paradise in the best city in the world. A luxury hotel with excellent service, a good restaurant, and a wonderful wellness center. Water fountain at the reception. The staff is always great, we have been here three times and will definitely be back soon, it is our home in Carlsbad.

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