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Fitness Room

Balance of physical and mental beauty

The idea of a modern human being is becoming Kalokagathia, the term is derived from Greek and expresses the ideal of harmonic consistency and balance of physical and mental beauty. It is appearing more and more in context
with functional training and a balanced lifestyle. It even cannot be told what options fitness brings for both physical and mental health. The richly equipped Carlsbad Plaza's fitness center is available to all guests free of charge every day. A personal trainer, which you can request at the Spa Reception, will help you build an exercise plan to your satisfaction.

Shape Master reconditioning tables

If you want to start exercising after an accident, reduce overweight or effectively eliminate the fat in troubled areas, the Shape Master training and fitness tables at the Carlsbad Clinic will help you. It is a gradual, effective exercise of the muscles and joints of the whole body, under the guidance of our medical staff, which combines a number of exercises with the help of 8 professional reconditioning devices.

Fitness equipment:

  • Multifunctional fitness tower
  • Treadmill
  • Different exercise benches
  • Spinning bikes
  • Stepper
  • Set of dumbbells
  • Shower

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