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Health Food Concept

About the Health Food Concept

Our goal is a complex treatment of our clients and we therefore do our best to improve their overall health condition. We integrated a healthy and balanced diet into the Karlovy Vary spa treatment and prepare the menu of our main hotel restaurant Sorrento Grand buffet according to a completely new concept of healthy nutrition.

At the Sorrento Grand buffet you can learn about the origin of our food or our suppliers, from which we receive the main ingredients, the basic ingredients of dishes, the form and method of the heat treatment or the allergens that the dishes contain.

Food Book

Labels inform you about every meal. We have prepared a special Food Book publication for you, where everything is described in detail, including tips on healthy eating and information on the composition and benefits of individual ingredients. In addition, this brochure explains healthy technological cooking methods that access raw materials more economically and preserve as much of the essential health benefits of food as possible.

** More interesting facts about our healthy hotel cuisine can be found in our Food Book.

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