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History of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary and its History

Karlovy Vary is a magical city! Its source is an ancient geological fault, along which lines miraculous thermal springs emerge, and maybe also mysterious earth magnetism with it. Both natural powers have a positive impact on human health. Karlovy Vary became the largest spa town in the Czech Republic due to the number of patients and procedures provided. Over 6 million patients from around the world have been treated during its existence. The main phenomenon of the city is spa tourism. More than 80 mineral springs arise here. The 15 so-called large ones, whose temperatures vary between 34 and 73 degrees Celsius, are used for spa purposes.

The spa is located in the western corner of the Czech Republic, at the confluence of the Tepla and Ohře rivers on an altitude of 376 meters. The town is surrounded by three mountain ranges: the Ore Mountains, the Doupov Mountains and the Slavkov Forest. The city is huddled by wooded hills from all sides. This morphological situation in Karlovy Vary creates an intense feeling of protection from the dangers of the surrounding world full of stress and worries.

Archaeological findings show human settlements near the Karlovy Vary Springs since the Middle Stone Age. The springs were well known on the site of later Karlovy Vary and used by our ancestors in antiquity. According to the legend, King Charles IV discovered the Karlovy Vary springs during a deer hunt around 1350. The monarch granted the spa privileges of a free royal city on August 14th 1370 next to the Hot Spring. The history of Karlovy Vary has always been inseparably linked to the healing effects of its mineral springs. Today's architectural form of Karlovy Vary was most influenced by building activity at the turn of the 19th century in the spirit of historicism and Art Nouveau. It left a number of distinctive buildings whose architecture reveals the strong artistic influence of Habsburg Vienna. One of them is the exclusive Carlsbad Plaza Hotel.

Time seems to run slower, more dignified, or perhaps more festive. Charming architecture, colonnades with reminiscent spa guests and a varied mix of foreign languages, the endless rhythmic pulse of the Hot Spring, the gurgling of springs and their hot breath, the sweet smell of wafers, tones of the spa orchestra and the ubiquitous kind spirit of friendship and acceptance among people is the genius loci of Karlovy Vary.

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