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Medical Spa Gallery

Unique treatment complex Medical Spa Gallery

The unique treatment complex Medical Spa Gallery uses not only rich natural thermal and mineral resources, but also the latest methods of treatment and top medical equipment.

Approximately 80% of guests arrive at Carlsbad Plaza to fight their ailments and actively improve their health. The centuries-old tradition of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary in the central balneo-spa center helps in the treatment of diseases of the digestive and musculoskeletal system, endocrine diseases, especially diabetes mellitus, upper respiratory tract diseases and many others. A wide range of procedures supports your decision, to do something for your health and get rid of unpleasant pain. At the Medical Spa Gallery, 900 treatments are performed daily, recommended to you by our professional medical team.

Spa treatment package at the Medical Spa Gallery

The full-board / half-board spa package with treatments at the Medical Spa Gallery include 18 treatments per week, 1 x weekly medical check-up and comprehensive laboratory blood test, daily free use of the unique Alt Karlsbad Wellnessland and hotel fitness. Classic spa treatment is provided to people over 12 years of age.


Spa treatments provided in the spa package:

Four-chamber bath / Bio-Lamp / Carbon bath / Distance therapy / Inhalation / Gum irrigation / Complex physiotherapeutic care / Classic partial massage / Short wave diathermy / Laser / Therapeutic gymnastics in the pool / Individual curative gymnastics / Group exercise / Magnet therapy / Oxygen therapy / Carboxytherapy / Paraffin/ Phyaction / Pearl Bath / Underwater Massage / Reflex Massage / Dry Carbon Bath / Peat Compresses / Scotch hose / Ultrasound

Treatment procedures to purchase additionally:

Classic massage / Reflex massage of the foot soles / Anti-stress massage / Aroma massage / Cleopatra bath / Caracalla bath / Imperial bath / Aroma bath / Pearl bath / Oxygen therapy / Gum irrigation / Inhalation / Therapeutic group exercise in the swimming pool or gym / Shock Wave Therapy 

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