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Treatment with DIETARY MEALS

About the medical package with dietary catering

Do you suffer from health problems, which require a diet?
Our hotel has prepared a spa package with diet meals and treatment for you. After purchasing this package, you will be offered a full-board diet in the form of a menu from our diet corner. A suitable type of diet will be determined after consultation with our dietician. The Carlsbad Plaza specializes in the following types of diets:

  • Gluten-free diet - this diet is used for diseases such as celiac disease, gluten allergy, or Duhring dermatitis
  • Slimming No.8 - this diet is used in obesity and obesity associated with other health problems, such as diabetes
  • Diabetic No. 9 – this diet is used when suffering from diabetes mellitus - sugar dysentery
  • Low Cholesterol No.7 – this diet is given in hyperlipoproteinemia, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, post-cardiac infarction, cerebrovascular accident
  • Stomach No.2 - is given for functional gastric dyspepsia, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer disease and duodenal ulcer. Furthermore, in chronic liver diseases, inflammation of the colon in a rest period without diarrhea, prolonged pancreatitis and myocardial infarction at a later stage
  • Pancreatic - this diet is usually given after an acute pancreatitis
  • Hepatic - this diet is designed primarily to improve liver function and healing in case of difficulty
  • Macrobiotic diet - is a diet that puts emphasis on whole grain foods, on fruit and vegetables grown in the area. Up to 50% of the macrobiotic diet consists of grain and whole grain products of various forms, as well as legumes, soy products and cereals

The package includes:

  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Daily special dietary full board - a special menu put together for you after consultation with a diet nurse
  • Entry and exit examinations by our doctor
  • Comprehensive laboratory blood test
  • 18 procedures at the Medical Spa Gallery per week according to the doctor's prescriptionor
  • 5 x per week a private 2.5-hour spa treatment program in the Medical Spa Suitesor
  • 5 x per week a private 2.5-hour spa program in the therapeutic areas of your own suite, the Medical Majestic Suite
  • Drinking cure according to the doctor's prescription
  • Daily free use of the hotel fitness center
  • Daily free use of unique hotel wellness center "Alt Karlsbad"
  • Free Wi-Fi internet connection

Booking conditions:

  • Minimum length of stay: 7 nights
  • We provide treatment only to persons over 12 years of age

Get unique benefits

Get unique benefits


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