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Spa package for effective weight loss

About the spa package for effective weight loss

Obesity is one of the most widespread and most insidious civilization diseases. The most common diagnostic methods for detecting obesity are the BMI (Body Mass Index) or the skinfold test. The Medical Spa Gallery in the hotel, in cooperation with the Carlsbad Clinic, offers a comprehensive set of examinations to all those looking for better physical fitness and health, along with a comprehensive program of successful weight loss methods – the special weight loss package.

The package includes:

  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Initial medical check-up
  • Medical check-up with a doctor
  • Exit medical check-up
  • 2 x measurements of the basic body components on the InBody device
  • 1 x extended laboratory blood test
  • Daily weight control
  • Diet program recommendations
  • Consultation with a nutritionist
  • Daily provision of an individual meal program
  • Detoxicating drinking cure (thermal mineral springs and reducing juices)
  • 10 cryotherapy procedures
  • 10 x Nordic Walking                                                                                         
  • Consultation with a beautician
  • Combination of treatment procedures: 
    • 6 x peat compresses                                                                   
    • 14 x instrumental lymphatic drainage 
    • 6 x Individual therapeutic exercise
    • 7 x classic partial massage
    • 7 x underwater massage
    • 14 x Dry carbon bath
  • Exercise program at the hotel's fitness center assembled by a doctor
  • Daily free use of unique hotel wellness center "Alt Karlsbad"
  • Free Wi-Fi internet connection

Booking conditions:

  • Minimum length of stay: 14 nights
  • We provide treatment only to persons over 12 years of age