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Thermal Mineral Springs

Thermal Mineral Springsy

The first settlers of the valleys and forests around the Teplá River have known the healing effects of local thermal mineral springs. They were attributed magical power, and Charles IV himself tried it, which in 1370 promoted the settlement to a city. It is said; he relieved his sore legs in the warm springs.

The underground of Karlovy Vary is interwoven with countless springs and strands, 15 springs are captured and made available to the public, 12 of which are commonly used for drinking, which is an integral part of the famous Karlovy Vary treatment. Each of the 15 springs differs in the void temperature and the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide, these differences being determinant for the effects on humans. The most famous spring is the 1st Karlovy Vary Thermal Mineral Spring, the Hot Spring, which rises in the Spring Colonnade and is for drinking purposes cooled and divided into five spring vases. For the Hot Spring however, you do not have to go far from the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, it can be drunk right at the Lobby where it is freely available to all hotel guests.

But where did the local springs come from? The springs are remains of post-volcanic activity in the wider area of Karlovy Vary, forming at depths of about 2,500 meters below the earth's surface. It is unbelievable that the composition of the springs has remained unchanged for centuries. This curative water contains most of the elements of the periodic table, where more than 40 elements, beneficial for the human body can be analyzed.


Karlovy Vary Thermal Mineral Springs:

Hot Spring (Vřídlo) (73°C)
This geyser delivers an average of 2000 liters of mineral water per minute. Today, apart from the Castle Spring, it is the only source used for bathing. The spring is also used for drinking. In the area of the colonnade you can find a total of 5 drinking stands with its water at 72°C, 50°C and 30°C. The spring water column is capable of spraying up to 12 meters.

Charles IV. Spring (64°C)
The healing powers of this spring may have contributed to the decision of Emperor Charles IV to build a spa town here. The relief placed above the spring tells the story of the discovery of Karlovy Vary.

Lower and Upper Castle Spring (55°C)
In fact, it is one source that is seduced into two vases. However, due to the higher elevation altitude of the upper ejection and the physical laws, the Upper Castle Spring has a different temperature and CO2 content than its lower variant. The Lower Castle Spring is brought to the public it the Market Colonnade. The spring in the Castle Colonnade is only accessible to clients of the Castle Spa.

Market Spring (65°C)
Since its discovery (1838), the spring has been lost several times and reappeared. Several boreholes have been made, so spa physicians can prescribe it even today.

Mill Spring (56°C)
It has been used since the 16th century for spa treatment, previously mainly for baths. Water from this popular spring was once available for purchase in almost all Czech pharmacies.

Rusalka Spring (60°C)
From the 16th century until 1945, it was called New Spring. The water coming from it was more popular than the Mill Spring. It also had its Colonnade, the New Spring Colonnade, which was later rebuilt and named Mill Colonnade.

Prince Vaclav I and Vaclav II (65°C)
The water of this spring was used to produce Karlovy Vary's medicinal salt. By the end of the 18th century, it was able to measure itself with the Hot Spring in its prowess and strength. The Prince Vaclav spring is brought into two vases. Prince Vaclav II emerges outside the colonnade opposite the orchestra.

Libuše Spring (63°C)
Originally called the spring of the Elizabeth’s roses. Connecting four smaller springs formed it.

Rock Spring (47°C)
Until 1845, it sprung in the Tepla River. After landscaping, its water was brought to the site of today's Mill Colonnade.

Freedom Spring (62°C)
It was discovered in the second half of the 19th century during the construction of the Spa III. It is known by its current name since the end of World War II. Formerly named Spa Spring, later it was named after Franz Josef I. The gazebo with this spring is located between the Spa III and the Mill Colonnade.

Park Spring (41°C)
It sprang up during the excavation for the foundations for the Military Spa Institute, in the middle of the 19th century. Originally it was called the Emperor's Spring.

Štěpánka Spring (14°C)
The Štěpánka Spring springs in the wooden Alois Klein gazebo on the southern outskirts of Karlovy Vary. The spring is one of the coldest Karlovy Vary mineral springs. At the same time, it is the most southerly laid spring on the territory of the spa town.

Snake Spring (29°C)
Spa guests have been enjoying this spring since 2001, it contains fewer minerals than other springs, but more CO2. It flows from a snake's mouth directly in the Park Colonnade.

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