Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad

The Carlsbad Plaza Hotel is the first Hotel offering services of a Wellnessland in such extent. The design reminds of a quiet street in the old townlet Karlsbad.

Guests find a swimming pool 15x6 m, whirlpools, saunas and a relaxation room. Situated in the hotel, the place of relaxation includes 7 saunas, 2 whirlpools, an acupressure pool and a swimming pool with counterflow jet and a pool with mineral water.

The Wellnessland provides the perfect surrounding for a recovery from physical and mental stress. 

*Children under the age of 12 years may use the Wellnessland only until 17:00 pm and must be accompanied by a responsible adult*

Note: During your visit in the Wellnessland we kindly ask our guests to wear slippers, swimming suits and bathing caps. The slippers can be found in every room , the bathing cap can be bought at the Spa reception.

Opening hours Wellnessland: daily from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm

Opening hours Saunadorf: daily from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm







Garra Rufa alias Doctor Fish

After a fish pedicure your feet will be perfectly smooth, soft and fresh. Treatment of this nature using Garra Rufa fish in a foot bath is completely natural, safe and sanitary. So do not hesitate to come to Wellnessland located in the Carlsbad Plaza hotel, immerse your feet in warm water and enjoy the latest in relaxing and sensual massaging for your feet.

The fish naturally seek out where the dead skin is located, aiding in the removal of redundant, unwanted and unnecessary cells which in turn prevents skin infections. Such infections can be the cause of skin disease and subsequent visible skin damage. The fish also stimulate acupuncture points and thus contribute to the regulation of the nervous system, relaxation of the entire body and relieving fatigue.

Collagen solarium

Collagen treatments combat the causes of aging skin naturally from the inside and activates the body's own natural process of skin rejuvenation. Special red light collagen tubes act on cells, fibroblasts, and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. This process is called "Photorejuvenation".

Scientific studies have shown that red light collagen tubes accelerates the regeneration of skin cells by 150 - 200%, in addition, they improve the binding of the moisture in the skin, increasing the permeability of the skin and the skin is much better supplied with the necessary nutrients. The result is tighter and healthier skin. This process continues even after the end of the actual therapy.


The Saunadorf offers 7 different kinds of saunas:

  • temperature 38°C; the air is enriched with essences; it slightly overheats and relaxes the body. Especially suitable for guests with problems of the circulatory and locomotor system.
SALT sauna
  • temperature 38 to 43°C; the air is ionised with a sea salt solution, the microclimate has positive effect on air passages, it stimulates the immune system.
HERBAL sauna
  • temperature 38 to 43°C; the air is aromatised with herbs. Depending on the herb it has anti inflammatory, stimulating or relaxing effects.
TURKISH steam bath
  • temperature 42 to 45°C; the air is aromatised with eucalyptus and very humid. It has positive effects on air passages, prevention of a cold and expulsion of toxic substances.
  • temperature 48 to 50°C; dry heat is radiated, which is convenient for guests having problems with high temperatures. The body expulses toxic substances.
  • temperature 80 to 90°C, 8 to 12% humidity; Evaporation of sweat cools the body down substantially. An integral part of using the Sauna is the cooling in a pool or shower.
  • temperature 95 to 110°C, 30 to 50% humidity; Intensive effect is reached through the us of high temperature and humidity.

In the Sauna village our guest find beside the saunas also aromatic showers and cooling basins with mineral water. Our guests can use also the anatomic whrilpool or the heated divan. 





The Relaxgarten offers relaxation within the Wellnessland. The perfect place after a Sauna or a swim in the pool. Here our guests find heated water beds and classic beds in relaxational atmosphere.




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