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Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad

Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad, relaxation for your body and soul

The Carlsbad Plaza Hotel is the first hotel to offer its guests the use of the unique Wellnessland, which is designed as a quiet street of the old town of Karlovy Vary. The main hall is dominated by a large swimming pool with a waterfall, countercurrent and whirlpool massages, refreshments, such as fresh juices or fruit, await you at the Fit Bar, as well as an acupressure pool or a large whirlpool. It is worth to mention the Garra Rufa, a fish pedicure, which will surely bring you a unique experience or the relaxation in the collagen solarium that rejuvenates and heals the skin of the whole body.

The second part of the Wellnessland is the Saunadorf, which features a total of 7 types of saunas, anatomical heated loungers, a large anatomical massage pool and a mineral pool or aromatic showers.

The last and third part is the relaxation room, where you can restore your energy and regenerate your body and soul, after having spent time in the pool and in between saunas, on heated waterbeds and loungers.

Unique world of saunas in the Alt Karlsbad

Tepidarium (temperature 38°C)
The air is enriched with essences; it soothes and lightly preheats the body before using other saunas.

Salt sauna (temperature 38 to 43°C)
The air is ionized with a sea salt solution; it has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and stimulates the immune system.

Herbal sauna (temperature 38 to 43°C)
The steam is aromatized with herbs that have a beneficial effect on inflammatory diseases, body stimulation and body relaxation.

Turkish steam bath (temperature 42 to 45°C)
Steam with Eucalyptus aroma has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, prevents colds and helps the body to eliminate harmful substances.

Laconium (temperature 48 to 50°C)
The sauna is suitable for those who are less likely to tolerate high temperatures of the Finnish and Russian saunas.

Finnish sauna (temperature 80 to 90°C)
An integral part of the use of the Finnish sauna is to cool the body in the cold thermal mineral water pool or under a cool shower.

Russian sauna (temperature 95 to 110°C)
High temperature and humidity in the sauna guarantee an intensive effect of its use; subsequent cooling then generates total relaxation and improves blood circulation of the body.

The Wellnessland Alt Karlsbad offers its visitors:

  • 7 types of saunas
  • 5 different pool
  • Relaxation room with water beds
  • Garra Rufa fish
  • Collagen solarium
  • Fitbar

Opening hours:

  • Alt Karlsbad - Daily - 09.00 - 21.00
  • Saunadorf - Monday-Friday - 14.00 - 21.00
    Saunadorf - Saturday-Sunday - 10.00 - 21.00
  • Closed between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. (sanitary day): 15.1.2024, 19.2.2024, 18.3.2024, 15.4.2024, 13.5.2024, 17.6.2024, 15.7.2024, 19.8.2024, 16.9.2024, 21.10.2024, 11.11.2024, 16.12.2024
  • Closed 26.2.-27.2.2024

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